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General Travelling Conditions

1. Scope of applicability – Object of the agreement

Our General Travelling Conditions apply for the rendering of travelling services pursuant to the agreement concluded between BIHZ GmbH and Traveller. Our General Travelling Conditions apply towards consumers and towards entrepreneurs unless a differentiation is included in the respective clause.

2. Registration and travel confirmation

The agreement is concluded following a booking enquiry by Traveller and a corresponding booking confirmation by BIHZ GmbH. You can register in writing, verbally and via telephone. Registrations on your part also apply to all fellow travellers listed in the registration. For them, you assume the same contractual responsibility as for yourself. By means of your registration, you accept our travelling conditions. If the content of the confirmation deviates from the content of the registration, we did not accept your offer. We are bound to our new offer for 10 days. Should you not accept our new offer within 10 days, we can then dispose of this otherwise. The holiday homes may only be occupied by a number equal to or lower than the indicated maximum number of people. Children and adults will be counted as full persons. Additional persons may be excluded.

3.Payment and travelling documents

Traveller is obliged to pay the prices agreed for the booked travelling services. An advance payment of EUR 50.00 per apartment is to be conducted at booking, resp. after receiving a written travel confirmation. The advance payment is offset against the travel price. The entire travel price is to be paid without renewed demand no later than 3 weeks before arrival (receipt by us). In the event that at arrival the travel price was not fully paid, after a warning and expiry of a reasonable time period for paying the travel price, the agreement will be dissolved. In this case, a compensation similar to that for withdrawal by Traveller is to be paid unless a considerable travel defect was present at this moment. In case of bookings at short notice, the travel price is to be paid immediately but no later than at arrival on site.

4. Services and prices

The description, image and price indications valid for the respective period of travel as they appear on flyers and the website are applicable for the contractual services. It is not possible to conclude agreements under special circumstances. We reserve the right to subsequent amendments of the brochure (regarding the correction of errors and faulty calculations) until our written confirmation. Should they only occur with the confirmation, we refer to item 2 of our travelling conditions. If your booking contains different seasonal periods, the travelling price will be calculated on a pro-rata basis in accordance with the respectively applicable price charts in the brochure at hand, unless exceptions are labelled separately.

5. Withdrawal by the customer, re-booking, replacement persons

You may withdraw from your travel at any time prior to the beginning of your travel. The withdrawal must be declared in writing. Your withdrawal will be effective on the day when it is received by us. If you withdraw from a booked travel, the following costs will accrue to you due to our expenditures:

  • until the 45th day before beginning the travel: 20%
  • between the 44th and 35th day before beginning the travel: 50%
  • between the 34th and 1st day before beginning the travel: 80%
  • from the day of beginning the travel and in the event of a non-beginning of the travel: 90% of the travel price.

This compensation for withdrawal is calculated per apartment. Traveller is entitled to prove that we suffered no nor merely an insignificant loss.

We will modify the travel registration (re-booking) upon your request. Re-bookings are defined as any modification regarding the travel date and the apartments. You may have yourself replaced by a third party when booking and possibly re-booking your travel. If there is no replacement booking, the conditions indicated under withdrawals apply.

6. Warranty

Should the travel service not be rendered or not be rendered according to the agreement, you may demand remedy. If the non-rendering or the rendering in contrast to the agreement are based on a circumstance that occurred after the agreement was concluded and that was not caused by us against good faith, we are entitled to provide remedy by providing a replacement service of similar or higher value. In case of possible service defects you are obliged to cooperate as provided by law in avoiding or restricting possible damages. Any notification of defects must be carried out immediately at the holiday location and must be notified to the local administration. They are commissioned to provide remedy as far as this is possible. In the event of a culpable failure to report the defect, any obligation of BIHZ GmbH to provide restriction or compensation will lapse.

7. Claims

Any potential claims for warranty or compensation on your part are to be asserted within one month after the contractually agreed date of return. Otherwise, they will lapse. For reasons of evidence, this should be ideally done in writing. Claims due to non-contractual provision of the travel service will lapse in any case 12 months after the end of the travel.